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In less than a minute you can get your idCAT Mòbil to more easily identify with the Catalan public administrations

idCAT Mòbil

idCAT Mòbil is the new electronic identification and signature system through mobile that the Consorci AOC, in collaboration with Generalitat de Catalunya, offers to the citizens and that can be used to carry out procedures with catalan administrations.

To use it, register your contact data "Seu electrònica" file of Generalitat de Catalunya.

How dows it work? Easy! Select idCAT Mòbil when you are trying to login and you will receive a code at your mobile (which you have authorized in your contact data). Enter this code to verify your identity.

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  • You can identify and sign from any mobile device
  • No password or PIN required
  • No software installation required
  • It's a secure system and with no expiration data
  • It's free
  • Sign up without
    digital certificate

  • Sign up with
    digital certificate

What's required to signup?:

  1. Age of 16, minimum
  2. DNI o TIE (not just NIE number)
  3. TSI: Targeta Sanitària Individual from CatSalut (Servei Català de la Salut) or being a Muface member
  4. Mobile

Note: these data will be validated in the databases of the Dirección General de la Policía and Servei Català de la Salut in order to verify and guarantee the identification of the citizen.

If you continue you are accepting our use conditions of idCAT Mòbil service.

What's required to signup?:

  1. Have a valid digital certificate and successfully installed
    idCAT, DNIe or any other digital certificate accepted to access to Seu electrònica of Generalitat de Catalunya. Requiriments
  2. Mobile

If you continue you are accepting our use conditions of idCAT Mòbil service.

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